Priceline Sponsored Ads.

A pay-per-click digital marketing platform, Priceline Sponsored Ads greatly increases your hotel property's visibility by moving it to the top of the results page on Set your own bids and daily budgets to accelerate room bookings and drive revenue.

Know Where You’re Going.

See real-time performance of your property’s key metrics in a graphical dashboard. Critical metrics like Room Nights Booked and Return on Ad Spend are clearly defined and easy to see. Set your business goals and start optimizing your Priceline marketing campaigns right away.

Put Your Campaign On Cruise Control.

Designed to accommodate every level of digital marketer- from novice to advanced - the Priceline Sponsored Ads interface provides full control with budget and spend recommendations, as well as tools for optimizing bidding and budgeting. Features like bid automation allow you to put your campaigns on cruise control for the instances where you want the machine to do the work.